Liquefied Soil Stabilizer

What's LSS?

LSS consists of soil, water and cementitious material which have been mixed uniformly. The LSS manufacturing process utilises soil which has been excavated in construction projects and which would otherwise be discarded as waste. LSS, which allows easy fill for confined spaces or excavation areas, is considered an alternative to granular fill, which requires to be filled manually, as the former can be placed easily without vibration or tamping.

Among other applications, it can be used as non- structural fill for buildings and other structures, as well as for backfill in utility and road construction. Most of the LSS is used to support our civil engineering activities. As and when there is market demand, we will also supply them to third parties. As we are capable of monitoring and adjusting the nature of the LSS mixtures, including the liquidity and strength of the mixtures, we are able to provide customised solutions to meet the different needs of our customers.

Advantages of LSS ...

• Backfill narrow spaces where compaction is difficult or impossible
• Reduce construction time
• Customisable to meet specific requirements of customers
• Waterproofing characteristic

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